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Artist Statement

"I make art with the intention of articulating the relationships between colors, feelings, shapes, ideas, emotions and textures. There's a theoretical landscape that exists between what is physically real and what conceptually exists in my mind. I am working to find a way to articulate a place where the viewer, and myself, can understand and interpret the work. 


Due to my synesthesia, a sensory and cognitive condition in which two or more senses associate with each other,my memories, feelings, and ideas are associated in my work with specific shapes, colors, light, and texture. For example, the form I see when recalling the memory of a specific encounter with an old friend is a 3-dimensional glowing blob of overlapping blues and pinks that moves like water. I have found the most effective way to translate my visualizations is mixing abstract forms into landscapes and objects found in reality. I choose most paintings to be set in nature. Sometimes a tree will be glowing, or a figure will be outlined in an ombre of electric blue and green. My goal is to keep things recognizable but alter the reality of its existence. 


I use specific mediums that can manipulate light, color and texture: plastics, photography and video, different sources of light, and paint using them by themselves or sometimes combining them to create new effects. For example, melting colored plastic to create layered forms that project patterns when light is behind them. The different handling and applications of mediums leaves room to push the boundaries of portraying my mental landscapes and supports new exploration."

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